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March 28, 2019

The Big Fella loves food, that’s apparent. Woppers at practice, with cheese. French Fries & Popcorn at games and cereal. Shaq loves cereal. So it only makes sense that Shaquille would open a few restaurants. There was Aunt Annie’s Pretzel shops in malls across the country then 27 5 Guys Burgers and Fries was a stellar investment for the Big Foodie.  Krispy Kreams, Shaq has also opened his own brands of eatery, Big Chicken Shaq and Shaquille’s in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The Big Chicken Shaq also floats around the world on Carnival Cruise Line’s Fun Ships.

Wait, what? Shaq is now the face of the Pappa Johns Franchise. Wow, didn’t see that coming.  Papa John’s on Friday, stated “Shaquille O’Neal will now be on the board of directors & the shinny new face of the 7th largest pizza chain in the world. Can’t hurt right.

His Shaqness and the pizza man Pappy Johns have a new deal, Shaq now has 9 Papa John’s restaurants around Atlanta and will be a board member for the company. this will be a 3-year endorsement deal for $8.25m, 1/2 stock, 1/2 cash. Not too shabby for a “Borderline Junivall Delinquent” quoting Shaq himself.

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