Shaq Fu Radio News‘Shaq Life’ Docuseries on TNT!

May 16, 2019

Shaq! The “Docuseries”! The TV Show! It just keeps getting better at Shaq Inc.

The headline here is Shaquille O’Neal has a deal with TBS and TNT to film “Shaq Life” a Shaq-umentary on the Big Fella’s day to day life. Hop in a Lyft with Shaq and go to a DJ Gig, Host the NBA Awards Show, eat at Big Chicken Shaq and the plans Shaq has go on and on. Join Shaq and The General on set of a TV commercial. Or Jump on a Carnival Cruise Ship where Shaq is the CFO “Chief Fun Officer” for the Cruise Line know for their Fun Ships.

Shaquille O’Neal broadcasting on Shaq Fu Radio

Shaq said “Over the years, I’ve had many endeavors outside of sports but never this many all at once, I’m ready to bring viewers along for the wild ride that is my life.”

Maybe viewers will finally get to see the mystery of Shaq Fu Radio and The Big Podcast With SHAQ. Maybe Shaq-Daddy will bring the kids along. Shaq’s kids are a blast. Shaq Life may be the greatest unscripted special of all time. Can’t wait to see it.

The Premiere date has not been set yet. We will keep you updated on

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