Shaq Fu Radio NewsShaq Takes "Pirate" Video of Corporate Board Meeting

August 16, 2019

Faithful readers of the ShaqFu Radio blog know by now that the Big Man is not only big in the basketball world – but he’s big in a few different business worlds, too. This week, Shaq attended the meeting of the Board of Directors of Papa John’s Pizza (yes indeed, he’s a member of the board), and took part in what was very likely supposed to be a “secret” product reveal for some new goodies for the national pizza chain. 

Well, Shaq’s never been a big fan of doing things the “formal” way (have you seen his other persona, DJ Diesel at work?)… so of course he had to put the Shaq-spin on the meeting. 

In just the past couple days, Shaq has posted a video he took “secretly” with his phone at the Papa John’s board meeting… and the video shows what Shaq claims is an about-to-be-announced new menu item. Something he says is “is coming soon.”

It’s hard to believe a man that big could do something like “secretly” shoot a cellphone video, but here it is. Thanks to Shaq’s official Twitter page for the video. Check it out: 

“Hey, it’s me, Shaq,” he says in the video. “I’m at a Papa John’s board meeting — shhh. But the board members don’t know I’ve got my phone. We’re about to taste some new food that’s not even out yet — coming soon. But you’re the first to know about it.”

Here’s a slightly bigger story run by TV station WDRB in Louisville, where Papa John’s Pizza has their US headquarters. Thanks to WDRB for the footage: 

Shaq has been on the board of Papa John’s since March of this year. He owns several of the franchise’s stores in the Atlanta area, and he appears in some of the company’s TV and online promotions. 

And even though he’s a member of the official Board of Directors – a real, live business position – Shaq couldn’t help himself in releasing the “secret” video of what was going on behind the closed doors of the corporate meeting. 

On his official Twitter post, the Big Man says he “took a little heat” for posting the video of the blending of a pizza and a quesadilla, but O’Neal said it was definitely worth it, saying. “Remember the name ‘Papadia… It’s gonna be a big one.” He added it was “worth it” to get some flack from other Board members when he posted the video.

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