Shaq Fu Radio NewsShaq In New Cruise Safety Video

November 18, 2019

Wow… Just last week we were talking about Shaq and his restaurant business and how the at-sea outlet of his “Big Chicken” restaurant is going to be getting a big upgrade the ship it’s on. Now Shaq is back in the news with Carnival Cruise Lines again this week… He’s starring in the cruise lines’ brand new safety video.

Shaq opens the video from his office as Carnivals’ Chief Fun Officer – and introduces other onboard personnel as the talk about various safety features and procedures. The new video is going to be shown in every stateroom on every ship in the Carnival Cruise Lines fleet… That means more than 34,000 the staterooms will have get a little dose of Shaq as he welcomes them aboard. 

In a recent press release, Carnival Cruise Lines says the video is meant to get and keep guests attention, while it talks about on board safety policies for all Carnival Cruise lines ships around the world.

On the press release, Shaq says “safety is serious fun.“ Shaq speaks to us from his Chief Fun Officer “office,” which looks like it’s on board a ship, but maybe not… Video magic, after all. 

The video goes on to show Carnival crew members and officers touring the ship and talking about safety features. You can check out the video for yourself below.

In the press release, Carnaval says “keeping our guests and crew safety is our number one priority.“ Carnival Cruise Lines president Christine Duffy says “who better to explain our safety procedures then our shipboard team members who work every day to keep our guests safe and happy… And of course, our CFO Shaq, the best person to make safety serious fun.“

O’Neal says, “No one is as committed to fun as I am. After all, I am the Chief Fun Officer – but in order to take advantage of all the great options on board Carnival Cruise Lines ships, we all still must be safe.“ Shaq goes on to say “our guests know they can count on me to show them how to have fun at sea, but I’m really excited because now I’m showing him how to stay safe as well… The two go hand-in-hand.“

You might remember… last week we had a ShaqFu Radio blog post on yet another bit of Carnival Cruise Lines news. The Carnival ship Radiance is getting a huge upgrade, as the ship is repositioned to work out of the port of Galveston Texas. 

Radiance is the ship that has Shaq’s “Big Chicken“ restaurant on board. That restaurant, along with all the other food outlets, party spaces (and everything else on board), will be getting an upgrade valued at more than $200 million over the next year or so. After that, the ship will move to its new home port of Galveston, Texas. 

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