Shaq Fu Radio NewsComing Soon: Shaq on Video Birthday Cards!

December 9, 2019

Just in time for the holiday (not really, but almost… certainly by next season), Shaq is getting into the greeting card business. Keep reading…some great puns are coming. 

One of the biggest companies in the card and greeting business – American Greetings, based in this reporters’ hometown of Cleveland, Ohio – announced that the Big Man will be “lending his personality and creative talents” to composing customized digital birthday greetings. The greetings (and here’s Pun #1) are going to be called “Shaq-in-a-box.” We like the idea already! 

American Greetings says Shaq will add his considerable star-power to the online video greeting card system. That’s the “Smashups” part of it… check out a cool video on how it all works here: Several other big name stars and celebrities have already been immortalized in Smashup online cards… cartoon characters, too. You can have a card created with talking dogs, cartoon whales and talking tacos. Very cool. 

According to the company, SmashUps are “highly personalized, sharable videos that effortlessly weave characteristics about the recipient into a catalog of celebratory content.” The videos can even get more info about the recipient to create a full story using insider jokes, plot points and more. SmashUps are funny, entertaining, and easy to create and share whenever the moment strikes.

The digital cards can be created on the company’s own website,, or by using the American Greetings app (find Apple iOS and Android smartphone apps in all the usual places where you find and download apps). The SmashUps mobile app and website allow users to easily sign up and send personalized funny messages, including the new Shaq birthday card. Again, from the company press release: “Talking SmashUps offer character-focused, animated cards that use text-to-speech technology to provide the ultimate versatility and personalization capabilities.”

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American Greetings General Manager for Direct-to- Consumer Business Rob Matousek says, “SmashUps have consistently been the most popular digital greetings on since we introduced them a few years ago. The SmashUps app gives us an opportunity to introduce them to new users who look for fun new digital products in the app stores versus their browsers. The celebrity SmashUps have been especially popular with our members, and the partnership with Shaquille helps us introduce them to his incredibly broad fanbase across the globe.” 

Again, from Matousek: “Everyone deserves a laugh, and to feel loved and appreciated, especially on their birthday,” said Shaquille O’Neal. “I’m excited to partner with SmashUps and American Greetings to help bring ‘big fun’ to everyone and anyone on their special day.”

The company says it has big plans for the Smashups lineup… adding Shaq’s “Shaq-in-the-Box” birthday SmashUp is just one of many more to come in the growing library of SmashUps as more content is scheduled to be released in the upcoming months.

American Greetings has been around for more than 100 years… wow! A company press release says it’s all about offering “innovative social expression products… paper cards, digital greetings, gift wrap, party goods and more to help consumers honor the people and moments in life that really matter. The Company’s major greeting card brands are American Greetings, Papyrus, Recycled Paper Greetings and Carlton Cards.

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