Shaq Fu Radio NewsShaq Talks Small Biz, Investing At Upcoming Conference

October 16, 2020

Basketball season is over… time for Shaq to get back to business! The big man is set to appear – virtually, of course – at the annual “Summit for Success” program put on by financial services company American Express. 

As regular readers of the ShaqFu Radio blog know, Shaq is just as big (bigger, nowadays) in business as he is in basketball. He owns and / or invests in lots of different companies, and he’s the TV and online spokesman for a number of big brands (Carnival Cruise Lines, General Insurance, etc.) He’s also on the Board of Directors of Papa John’s Pizza, and he owns several franchise locations himself. 

With all that business and investing know-how, it’s no wonder O’Neal is set to make an appearance at the American Express Business Class LIVE: Summit for Success for small business, set to take place on October 20, 2020.

Normally the big Summit is a live, in person event (aren’t they all?), but this year it’ll be online and virtual, coming to you live from the new Amex Virtual Campus. The good news is that because it’s all online, it’s now open to the general public as well. If you’d like to attend, here’s the registration link:–washington-d-c/

This year Shaq joins tennis legend Venus Williams as just two of what will be a long list of top entrepreneurs and featured speakers. American Express says the gathering is all about providing networking opportunities and resources to help small business owners navigate the current challenging landscape.

In an interview with Forbes Magazine and writer Andy Frye, O’Neal talked about his keynote at the Summit. Shaq says he likes to tell stories that offer a positive outlook on life and business. To help business owners get through the current tough times. 

Shaq: “It haunts me and hurts me that a lot of these mom and pop stores, especially African-American owned businesses, have to even think about shutting down because of what’s going on right now (with the COVID-19 pandemic). The people at American Express are giving away $10 million to businesses and offering expert advice, counseling and tutoring, and I’m partnering with them. People look at me and say that I’m successful, but I’m not the guy who has all the answers in business. But, I like to talk about my routines and my thought process, how I got where I got, and hopefully someone can use some of that and make it work for them.”

In addition to business, Shaq talks investing. He told Frye that his decision-making process on where and how to invest was changed after a meeting with a man who would go on to become one of the richest people on Earth. 

Shaq: “When I started going to CES in Vegas, I met a young, beautiful man by the name of Jeff Bezos. And with all the (business ventures) going fully online, he explained what the future holds. And he said that he invests in things that are going to change peoples’ lives. And I said, you know what, I’m gonna start doing that. And when I do that, every time I invest in something it works.”

Shaq says it’s not all about the money he might make from a business investment. “Is this going to help people in their lives?” For example, I invested in (home security company) Ring, because I liked what they were doing and because everybody wants affordable home security that makes them feel like a trillionaire. I like the tech that lets people be out at work and communicate with people when someone rings their doorbell at home or comes to their door. It works for people, and I like that.”

Shaq also talked about lessons learned from the coach they called the “Zen Master,” Phil Jackson, who coached the Lakers during some of Shaq’s years there. 

Not surprisingly, Shaq says Jackson’s lessons were about mindset: “He always taught us to think positive, and to see a maximization of your potential. For example, if I’m looking to open another 10 pizza stores, I’m thinking about not just the idea but realizing it in terms of the look and decor, putting in the neon lights and signs, and all the little things that make it work and become super successful.”

Thanks for Forbes Magazine and writer Andy Frye. You can check out the full article here:

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