BlogShaq, Julio Jones Helping Kids in Back-To-School Program

July 29, 2022

We know kids don’t want to think about it, yet parents probably already have this on their minds: the new school year is right around the corner. Also thinking about it – and helping out (again!) is our man Shaq. He’s teaming up with some big names in the Atlanta area to help kids and families with back-to-school needs. 

This time, it’s a program in the ATL called the “B.A.N.K.” Foundation, short for Blessing All Neighborhood Kids. It’s the brainchild of Atlanta businessman and restaurant owner William Platt and his wife Ericka. The Platts are a family with four young boys on the westside of Atlanta. 

The Platts have been very much connected with their own community and also the larger, nationwide civil rights movement. They were a big part of putting together help for the family of George Floyd over the past two years. That included throwing a birthday party for Floyd’s daughter Gianna a year ago. A party that included special guests Lil Baby, former NBA player Stephen Jackson, and Shaq, too.

This weekend, the B.A.N.K. Foundation and two other community groups is putting together a big community event to raise money to provide kids with back-to-school uniforms and supplies. Once again, Shaq will be there, along with football wide receiver Julio Jones. Jones has played for the Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans and just recently signed a one-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

For Shaq, it’s all about helping young people: “I love helping kids all over the world and in different communities. I’m passionate about this, and it’s important for me to make sure that they succeed. So I definitely wanted to support The BANK’s back-to-school drive because it’s going to help a lot of kids.” 

Jones had similar thoughts: “We all have to do our part and help out. Also, we have to be examples for the kids in the community.  For me, that is my priority.”

For restaurateur and philanthropist Platt, it’s all part of his overall effort to help kids with education. “It all starts with the youth and how they look at themselves and their environment,” Platt told a local blogger.  “We have to really invest in the kids, their education and re-build our own community. A lot of Atlanta’s talent and success comes from the Westside so we can’t just leave our community behind when we become successful,” said Platt.

Hats off to Shaq, Jones and the rest of the group for yet another program to give a much-needed assist to kids in communities that can use and benefit from the help!

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