BlogShaq - No Help Writing Son's Resume

August 31, 2022

Today’s question: When you’re Shaquille O’Neal, do you even need a resume? Let’s face it…the guy is one of the most easily recognized humans on Planet Earth. He’s been a superstar NBA player, and after that career was over, turned to business. He’s never NOT been on TV or the internet, with all his commercial endorsements, NBA-related appearances and more.

The guy walks into a room, and anyone there will know exactly who he is and – very likely – what he’s been up to lately. No resume needed, thank you. So, when Shaq’s son needed help in putting together a resume, let’s just say it was a challenge the big man had not faced in life up to this point. 

In a recent interview with British broadcaster David Koch on the program Sunrise News, O’Neal admitted that he was no help to his son when it came to preparing a resume. Sure, Shaq talked about basketball, his business life and more. But when it came to the resume-thing… Well, not so much. 

Shaq: “I am grateful because I realize that the position I am in… in life… is a lucky position. I never had a real job in my life. When I was trying to help my son fill out a resume, I had to call somebody … I couldn’t do it … I was embarrassed.”

Of course not having a formal resume, or knowing how to prepare one, hasn’t stopped O’Neal from big-time success in business. Regular readers to the ShaqFu Radio blog know of O’Neal’s business ties. He owns outlets of several different franchise businesses, including Papa John’s Pizza. Shaq is even on the Board of Directors for that popular company. 

He’s also owned (or is a current owner) of 24-hour fitness centers, his own “Big Chicken” restaurants and more, including being a TV commercial spokesman for brands like Carnival Cruises and Epson computer products. He’s part owner of brands like Playboy, Elvis Presley, Forever 21, and JC Penney.

Shaq also has quite the educational resume (pardon the pun). The former Los Angeles Lakers Center earned an online MBA from the University of Phoenix and a doctorate in education from Barry University in Miami.

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